Just when you thought that no modern apartment could manage anymore without a loft-like living room, in order to make room for these oversized sofas with their seat depth proportioned for giants, a new trend is already becoming evident. Sofas with an almost delicate design and dimensions that stand light on their feet next to cocktail-like armchairs and little tables appearing in groups, with a tinge of lamps above them dispersing flecks of light over the group landscape as if blown there by the wind.

At the imm cologne 2016, the wish for lightness was palpable, and not only for freestanding furniture, but also in the form of original, metal-framed furniture, extending to the classic dining space ensembles. The omnipresent living room wall cabinet makes room for a seemingly more improvised, casually arranged ensemble of sideboard, individual shelves, sofa and armchair.

Indications of the longing for more lightness can be found everywhere: shelves lean like rungs of a ladder against walls, transparent curtains waft in front of the window.

In addition to many classically shaped specimens with delicate tabletops tapering gently toward the edge, one also still finds XXL heavyweight dining room tables that now, however, often have to balance their collective weight on thin metal frames. And especially the narrow workspaces hugging the walls, which know how to find space for the home office in console thickness and with minimum drawer height in the smallest corner! They appear to want to remedy the heaviness of everyday being through the lightness of the design.

A look into the bathroom shows us that lightness is a trend that won't fade again so quickly. Because even there where one usually builds for generations, the new forms seem astonishingly fragile and hardly as robust as they once were. Here too, a new lightness is finding its place with extremely thin ceramics installed in narrow radiuses. The coming of these minimalist sanitation products is not only linked with new production technology and material innovations. It also corresponds with the current zeitgeist. A new living culture is advancing, in which furniture is once again given something of its original character – mobility.