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The international interiors show

imm cologne ushered in the new interiors year in January, and the sector was able to take away a real sense of optimism for spring. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were snuggling up under blankets on the sofa, and now we are getting the garden furniture out.

The outdoor living trend is, quite naturally, a source of inspiration in the garden sector, which will gather for spoga+gafa, its leading trade fair, in Cologne in the autumn. But outdoor living is also inspiring the development of new furniture concepts beyond the garden. Trend scouts at imm cologne met forward-thinking manufacturers who presented classic furniture in fresh colours and weatherproof materials for the season when everything moves outside.

It is not just in warm, Mediterranean Europe, the courtyards of Shanghai or the street cafés of San Francisco that the city would be unimaginable without street life and its tables, chairs, benches and stools – this is now just as true for German urban centres. But the positive mood in Cologne certainly does not depend on good weather.

The success of the latest edition of the trade fair duo imm cologne/LivingInteriors was not only further proof that the international interiors show has become the most important event for the entire sector in Europe – it also demonstrated the strength of its growing global connections, as can be seen in the profile of its visitors and the media attention it attracts. It has become an integral part of LivingKitchen to enjoy the experience with good food and performances by international chefs. As a result, an entire industry and the public, too, are waiting for their next chance to see the latest trends from the world of kitchens, which will be presented in Cologne in 2017.

But if one word sums up the Cologne event in recent years, it is "inspiration": the emerging trends and conceptual developments showcased here have a palpable influence on the design market across the world. imm cologne is increasingly establishing itself as an international platform for both business and cutting-edge design – a rare and highly attractive combination that is set to be highly influential in the long run.

Take a look at our e-magazine visions and discover design and product trends, new hues, innovative concepts and attractive interior design – coming soon to Cologne, if they are not here already.


Current trends in interior design at imm cologne

Cosiness also remained very popular at imm cologne 2016. Everywhere in the halls, sofas and armchairs could be seen, where one just wanted to immediately snuggle up. And so could stands which had been decorated with loving attention to detail and which invited you to stay and linger awhile. This trend was also evident in an increased presence of mid-century-style retro chic with its velvety and decorative fabrics and – often modern – use of solid wood.

On the other hand, however, the urbanisation trend also spread. Furniture is becoming smaller, lighter, in fact almost floating. It is easy to transport and cuts a fine figure in every living environment, regardless of where the owner is drawn to.

The fact that flexibility and individuality are also in demand in the urbanisation trend was demonstrated very clearly by the exhibitors at Europe’s largest interior design fair. A free choice of colour is as standard as are multifunctionality and made-to-measure products. However, even reducing furniture to the bare essentials doesn’t mean that compromises in cosiness can be made. This desire for cosiness is addressed by small, harmoniously appointed accessories and the storage options provided for them.


Young and up-and-coming – the perfect description of representatives of the generation of young designers who have been presenting their products under the banner “Young Professionals” at imm cologne for years now. At “Startups”, young independent designers and design studios get the opportunity to present their ideas to a wide audience and thus generate contacts with manufacturers, journalists and to the trade – a professional forum for young design. Fresh ideas keep surprising with unconventional product concepts and individual charm.


Bandyopadhyay Interior & Communication


With Indi, designer Boris Bandyopadhyay and architect Fabio Schillaci have created a chair which facilitates horizontal as well as vertical movement while sitting. The seat itself can be separated from the back rest. The decision to interrupt the direct connection between the seat and the back rest creates the opportunity to experiment with more dynamic sitting positions, for instance by simply moving the lower back slightly. (Photo: Carsten Fork)


Studio Michael Hilgers


The “duotable” table hybrid is a solution designed particularly for restricted living conditions. This compact table for 4 people can be transformed into a functional home office, simply by turning down one half of the table top. The folded-up area turns into a storage shelf for a Tablet PC or book. At the same time, storage space for office equipment is created where multiple plug sockets and battery chargers can be stored without creating a mess of cables. The “duotable” was one of the winners of the Interior Innovation Awards 2015.




The Dia lighting collection is intended to create a cosy atmosphere. The varying sizes of the different shades allow effective accents to be set. Geometric shapes, angular or rounded, as well as distinctive and minimalistic configurations provide for an even lighting of the room, as well as the placement of structured and atmospheric light accents. The use of acrylic glass disguises the actual light source and also disperses the light.




The name of this tree – simply “Y” – is as minimal as its design. With its 12 branches arranged at various heights and depths, it creates a harmonious as well as functional geometry. Whether viewed as a useful sculpture or as a clothes stand doubling as a work of art, this tree brings nature and ease into every room. That’s also why it was awarded the title “Interior Innovation Award - Selection 2015“.


imm cologne offers manifold inspiration for planners from the contract business.


In the bid to win over the favours of the guests, in addition to good service, today's hotels have to offer their own unique design signature - an exceptional interior design or high-quality architecture. Recent studies indicate that intelligently designed hotels can bring economic advantages. A special touch is enticing, turns the stay into an experience and the hotel itself into a travel destination.

The exhibitors at imm cologne present a wide spectrum of modern design and furnishing solutions for hotels of different styles and segments. Leading manufacturers present ready-for-the-market novelties for furnishing hospitality projects, whereby the spectrum of luxury resorts ranges from boutique hotels through to budget design houses. Furniture and accessories, sleeping systems, bathroom equipment and other furnishing items - including trusted classics and innovative designs, which enable every hotel ambience to be stylishly designed, are presented.

Bars & Restaurants

In the building furnishing sector, restaurants and bars belong to the most exciting projects. Hardly any other area of interior design reflects as quickly both new trends in architecture and lifestyle. The styles are as diversified as the current architecture as a whole and so precisely conceived to correspond to the requirements of the gourmet or en-passant guests, the experienced night reveller or occasional bar visitor.

Overall, today's concepts for bars and restaurants are the appreciation for careful design and extraordinary concepts by designers instead of standard solutions. imm cologne offers an overview of the latest developments in product and interior design. The international interiors show presents among others ready-for-the-market novelties for the furnishing of food service projects: from sustainable concepts, to trusted classics, through to the latest design solutions.


Above all, shopping is supposed to be a fun experience today. Therefore, a successful combination between design and sales promotion is called for when equipping and furnishing shops. Regardless of the segment, the important factors are authenticity, emotion and experience. Well-designed interiors address all of the senses and present products skilfully. The use of colours, materials and styles determines the effect of the goods and at the same time conveys the image of the respective brand to the outside.

Particularly the interior creates the unique character of shops. Today, concepts are called for that allow individual buildings to display style, where the furniture and carpets are individually designed and light, materials and surfaces underline the special impression of the room. New design and holistic solutions for the furnishing of retail objects are found at imm cologne. Here, numerous exhibitors present ready-for-the-market novelties for the furnishing of shops, concept stores and other projects, the design of which go far beyond a mere presentation of goods.

Spa & Wellness

Spa and wellness furnishings have to offer in addition to the health-enhancing applications also a sensual ambience. The focus here is an experience that is as holistic as possible: Together with the offered applications, the architecture and pool design, colours and shapes, materials and surfaces should form a unity of relaxation and wellness. Targeted design elements, new pool systems and products as well as innovative materials turn the spa visit into an experience.

The exhibitors of imm cologne and LivingInteriors not only react to the current developments in this area with new furniture programmes, pool systems, materials and furnishing solutions for individual spa concepts. They also offer own service tools for architects, interior designers and other planners in the contract business. Since particularly in buildings such as hotels or wellness facilities, the design can significantly influence the quality of the regeneration areas.


For all planners, who are looking for new inspiration and experienced partners for their contract and interior projects, imm cologne offers a diverse range of services. Countless exhibitors will present ready-for-the-market novelties for furnishing hotels, spas, bars and restaurants, shops and other buildings. Specialised suppliers for high order quantities and tailor-made quality will present their competence and experience at the international interiors show. In addition to individual consultation, they offer innovative solutions and the development of holistic concepts. Furthermore, under the keyword "Customizing", products are adapted to meet specific usage demands or own drafts are realised by architects and interior designers.

Architects, interior designers, building furnishers and other planners are already granted an overview of the novelties and trends in the contract business in the run-up to the international furnishing trade fair: The news blog of imm cologne as well as the trend letter Architecture deliver up-to-date information and inspiration.

"Customizing is often decisive in the free forms planned by us. We are in contact with companies all year round in order to find the right products or to adapt our projects with special solutions and enhance these further with individual objects. imm cologne is an important element in this permanent exchange, because it allows a general overview of the current developments and ideally about their possible suitability for our concrete demands."

Jürgen Mayer H. J. MAYER H. und Partner (Germany)

"For us as designers, the openness of the manufacturing companies regarding the individual adaptations within a certain palette of products is without doubt one of the most interesting developments. This enables adaptability and intelligent interface solutions. We evaluate the existing offers at imm cologne with a view to the needs of planners very positively."

Graft (Germany, USA, China)

"The focus in the contract business sector should be more on making the processes visible so that connections between the people and the products and brands can be created. Innovative manufacturers research new production methods, design and sustainable aspects. They carry out market research and thus also a kind of research on the society. These manufacturers are a welcome sparring partner in the different phases of the planning."

Kinzo (Germany)

"We have already individually developed a wide range of product lines for lighting, furniture, door and window details for numerous projects, in direct cooperation with the manufacturers. I find this very important in order to allow a comprehensive, coherent design philosophy to enfold and to ultimately communicate this. I believe that planners and manufacturers should work even more closely together and that particularly in the draft phase, more and more products should be developed for the different budgets of the buyer groups."

Sergei Tchoban nps tchoban voss (Germany, Russia)


The international kitchen show

Wherever kitchen and living room become one, a clear design vocabulary is needed. And wherever puristic, straightforward design is sought, there should be no handles, because highlighting single elements interferes with an unobstructed look at the whole. Following on from the kitchen furniture companies, the appliance manufacturers have taken up this trend and are now presenting complete ensembles of appliances, which dispense with handles and so integrate, flush-mounted, into the furniture fronts.

In terms of colours also, the kitchen manufacturers place value on the picture as a whole and offer a colour palette to support the overall harmonious design of the home. Particularly sought after at present are subtle grey tones and materials such as silver oak and concrete.

The innovations in the field of the smart home can also be considered another key topic in the kitchen world. It is nowadays almost standard for the contents of a fridge to be displayed on a smartphone, for dishwashers to calculate which programme to use based on their content or for ovens to decide the ideal point at which the food is done.

The extent to which current trends in interior design in the different living areas and the kitchen complement each other can be very visibly witnessed at the trade fair duo of imm cologne and LivingKitchen in January 2017.


LivingKitchen has established itself worldwide as the central meeting point for the kitchen industry. Every two years, national and international exhibitors capture the imagination at the trade fair for kitchens, appliances and accessories with the latest trends and exciting options for the kitchen as a living space. Together with imm cologne, LivingInteriors offers a comprehensive and innovatively staged picture of the various different segments of interior design.

LivingKitchen takes place co-located with imm cologne from 16–22 January 2017.

Further information:


An overview of the exhibitions and competitions at imm cologne 2016

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Textile design at imm cologne 2017

How do you turn a sofa into a fashionable eye-catching piece? What gives a room that special warmth? And what exactly do you need to be sitting on to get the cosiness levels just right? Textiles for furniture, upholstery, walls and windows are to living decor what clothes are to skin. They form the surfaces, create the contacts and appeal to all of our senses. That’s why every two years, at imm cologne, textiles have their own event to re-emphasise their importance within furnishing trend development.

With the individual presentation of textiles at the international furnishing fair in Cologne, the top editors at Pure Textile want to present strong and decorative elements and features. Once again in 2017, Pure Textile, an exceptional format for an exceptional selection, offers beautiful upholstery fabrics and exclusive textiles for all interior design requirements.

After its outstandingly successful introduction in 2011, the event, which takes place every two years, has become an integral part of imm cologne. It has found a permanent home in Hall 3.2. Here with its integration in the Pure segment, the complimentary range that is so important for the furniture industry finds precisely the exclusive neighbourhood that the fabric brands are looking for.

Together, on a generous surface in the Pure section, they represent the diversity of decorative fabrics, which are becoming increasingly more important for the interior design context of exclusive furniture. Within the sophisticated, harmonious fair architecture of Pure Textile, they will present their ranges and new products at individually designed stands in an engaging and attractive atmosphere.


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Not long to go until the imm cologne opens its doors:

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