Hall 3.2 (Pure Editions)

As the meeting point in the middle of the Pure Editions hall, the lounge offered exhibitors and visitors a seat at the large table – be it for a chat over a good cup of coffee, freshly prepared panini, warm sandwiches and salads, or for refreshing drinks while seated in comfortable groups of upholstered chairs. Like in the “Das Haus” installation in the adjacent Hall 2.2, the walls in the lounge had been replaced by movable, semi-transparent curtains. The openly arranged lounge area, however, was defined by elegant chain curtains from Kriska Dekor (stand design: Studio Spierenburg). With some lengths reaching as low as the floor and some floating above the heads of visitors, the curtains created a light, lively atmosphere in which the ensembles of large dining tables (design: David Chipperfield), along with the North suspension lamps (both by e15) give the lounge design a comfortable, sturdy foundation. The lounge provided the right mix of the inspirational and the down-to-earth for fruitful talks and meetings – or simply for relaxation.