Sleep – Halls 5.1, 9

High-tech in compact form: the mattresses and sleep systems, box-spring beds and water beds in this segment provide innovative sleeping comfort and are complemented by decorative bedding and accessories.

Highly functional mattresses and a scientifically acquired knowledge of the interaction between support and relief facilitate good sleep and physical relaxation – as represented by the modern systems on show in the Sleep segment. Whilst the mattresses and sleep systems have a tendency towards the unspectacular due to their uniformly white and rectangular appearance, closer inspection of Halls 9 and 5.1 reveals that the box-spring beds and waterbeds presented are defined by their inner qualities, as few furniture categories are. Indeed, no other segment relies so heavily on advance through technical innovation. As a result, Sleep is not so much a display window as a laboratory – a platform for a product range that probably requires more explanation than any other segment at imm cologne and whose greatest strength is the consistency of its communication partners and the innovation culture of its manufacturers.

Since well-being is defined in no small measure by the haptic and climate-regulating properties as well as the visual appearance of the interplay which the individual elements comprising each sleep system create, textile bedding product ranges are also an integral part of Sleep. Together with the accessories, they succeed in turning a product category otherwise determined by ergonomic and technical aspects into a genuine lifestyle segment driven by wellness considerations.

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