Comfort – Halls 6, 10.2

Cosiness depends on comfortable seating above all and Comfort at Pure presents the entire range of upholstered furniture: sofa suites, armchairs, divans, stand-alone sofas and couches with special functions. Comfort is the Pure segment for the multifaceted culture of comfortable seating and peaceful relaxation – alone or in company – for taking time-out, enjoyment or for spontaneous overnight guests. Virtually no other product category reflects the individualisation of furnishing preferences as much as the upholstered furniture segment does: the spectrum of products on show ranges from stand-alone sofas to modular groupings, from generous, multifunctional sofa suites and more stream-lined lounge chairs all the way to elegant divans and media-friendly reclining armchairs. Only the addition of a sofa and one or more armchairs turns our own four walls into a comfortable home. For the majority of consumers, well-being, warmth and ergonomics are the most important factors. The product ranges in the Comfort segment combine these qualities with stylish looks and a high degree of practicality.

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